mrs doubtfire sequelMrs. Doubtfire,” the smash comedy that saw Robin Williams dressing up like an Scottish housekeeper so that he could spend more time with his estranged kids, might be more than 20 years old, but there are some at Fox who still think that a sequel is something of a priority. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Williams and original director Chris Columbus are looking to reunite for a follow-up, to be penned by “Elf” writer David Berenbaum. Get ready for more drive-by fruitings, everyone!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, development on a sequel began in 2001 (seriously? Not 1995?), with Bonnie Hunt being hired to write a screenplay. Her screenplay, and many others, were ultimately rejected, in a costly development process that yielded no results. When Berenbaum became attached earlier this year, it was with an idea that was finally strong enough for both Columbus and Williams to get behind. While it’s far from a sure thing, it’s the closest the movie has come to actively getting made, so here’s hoping.

The original film, which came out in 1993 and co-starred Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan, made $219 million domestically and $222 million internationally, with Williams picking up a Golden Globe for his work and the movie winning the same award for Best Musical/Comedy.

If the movie does finally materialize maybe we can finally get funding for our “Saving Mr. Banks“-style behind-the-scenes movie based on the making of the original film, starring Tom Hanks as an energetic young Robin Williams.

from The Moviefone Blog

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