After getting a new director, Marvel’s “Ant-Man” is also getting new writers.

Latino Review reports that screenwriting duo Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer have been hired to do a rewrite of the “Ant-Man” script, which most recently had been polished by “Anchorman” director Adam McKay (who ultimately passed on helming the movie himself). The flick had been developed and written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, before the duo abruptly departed the project earlier this year over creative differences with the studio.

Ferrari and Barrer are still relatively unknown in Hollywood, though they’ve been making waves recently with their 2010 Black List script, “Die in a Gunfight,” and a draft for a possible Sony adaptation of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” that has impressed studio heads. Latino Review writes that the pair “were hired as production writers, meaning they will stick around the Atlanta set for the next few months doing production revisions,” a practice that the site notes is not uncommon in Hollywood.

Just how Ferrari and Barrer’s edits will affect the flick remain to be seen, though at this point, nothing else could really hurt it. After Wright left, many Marvel fans wondered if the flick could rebound from such a huge loss, and replacement director Peyton Reed (“Yes Man,” “Bring It On”) certainly has some big shoes to fill.

“Ant-Man,” starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

[via: Latino Review, h/t First Showing]

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