dumbo live actionThe most famous elephant of all will be flying across a big screen again soon. This time, he won’t be animated, though.

Disney is remaking their classic cartoon, “Dumbo,” into a live-action movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. They’ve tapped “Transformers” writer Ehren Kruger to pen the script.

Thanks to advanced CGI technology, a live-action flying elephant is totally possible now. As “Dumbo” fans know, the story revolves around a baby circus elephant who is bullied for his large ears. With the help of a mouse friend named Timothy, Dumbo learns to use his ears to fly. THR reports that the live-action movie will add a family story to parallel Dumbo’s narrative.

“Dumbo” is just the latest animated property that Disney is converting. They did it with “Alice in Wonderland,” the blockbuster starring Johnny Depp, and with this year’s “Maleficent,” a reimagining of the classic “Sleeping Beauty.” Disney is also working on a live-action versions of “Cinderella,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

What’s next … “Bambi“?

Photo courtesy Disney

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