Could the ‘Ted’ Lawsuit Keep ‘Ted 2’ From Happening?

ted lawsuitApparently Seth MacFarlane isn’t the only one who thinks a teddy bear that talks, drinks, smokes, and, uh, does other adult things is a funny idea. The “Family Guy” fella is being sued by Bengal Mangle Productions, which alleges that “Ted” borrows heavily from its own foul-mouthed teddy bear Charlie. Charlie appears in the web series “Charlie The Abusive Teddy” and “Acting School Academy,” and the plaintiffs point out quite a few similarities between the two terrible teddies, from outrageous tweets to the way they verbally abuse others.

The lawsuit alleges, “Both Charlie and Ted reside in a substantially similar environment, including that both Charlie and Ted spend a significant amount of time sitting on a living room couch with a beer and/or cigarette in hand… Charlie and Ted each have a substantially similar persona, verbal tone, verbal delivery, dialogue, and attitude.” There’s more, of course, but it all involves teddy bears being awful, and who really wants to read about that on a lovely summer day?

Whether or not the suit has merit is up for debate, but we wonder if it will throw a wrench into the “Ted” sequel that will reportedly begin filming in Boston on July 21. (They’re looking for extras!) Based on this ominous tweet from MacFarlane, maybe it already has begun filming and we just don’t know it. Has anyone seen Mark Wahlberg hanging around Boston lately? Maybe having a nosh at Wahlburgers?

Ted 2 begins

– Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) July 9, 2014

“Ted 2” is supposed to come out next summer, but not if Charlie the jerk-faced teddy bear has anything to do with it.

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