Chris Pratt Facts: 17 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About the ‘Guardians’ Star

Chris Pratt Facts
Chris Pratt is now a full-fledged action star.

One of the most likable actors today, Pratt found a home on network television from the start with recurring roles on "Everwood," "The O.C.," and, of course, on "Parks and Recreation." Rather than just sticking with the small screen, the actor slowly showed his range and landed in a string of Oscar-nominated films in supporting, but memorable, roles. This summer, Pratt takes the next step in his career when he can be seen starring in Marvel’s latest blockbuster "Guardians of the Galaxy."

From his Bubba Gump Shrimp past to his famous wife, here are 17 things you probably don’t know about Chris Pratt.

1. Chris Pratt was born June 21, 1979 in Virginia, Minnesota to Kathy Indahl and Dan Pratt.

2. Pratt was raised in Lake Stevens, Washington.

3. Growing up, Pratt wrestled and even finished fifth in a state wrestling tournament in high school.

4. This probably led him to try to fight his "Guardians of the Galaxy" co-star, Dave Bautista, who is a WWE wrestler. Bautista, who goes by the stage name Batista, is also a 6′ 6" behemoth of a man.

5. Before he got into acting, Pratt was waiting tables at a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant in Maui, Hawaii.

6. It was there where he was discovered by actor/director Rae Dawn Chong, one of Tommy Chong‘s daughters, who cast him in his first role.

7. The part was in the horror short "Cursed Part 3" (2000).

8. Two years later, Pratt got his first substantial role on the WB show "Everwood," which aired for 4 seasons.

9. While shooting, he began dating his onscreen sister, Emily VanCamp. While that was probably creepy to a couple people, Pratt acknowledged their onscreen relationship never weirded VanCamp or him out because the show was all fiction.

10. After "Everwood," Pratt appeared on the popular teen-soap "The O.C." as Ché, a student activist from Brown University. Here he is singing a song (naked) to Seth.

11. Perhaps best known for his role as Andy in "Parks and Recreation," Pratt was only cast as a guest star in Season 1 with the intention his character would be temporary. Needless to say, his character was a hit, and Pratt was soon written into the show as a regular.

12. Pratt lost 50 pounds in four months to get in shape for his role in "Moneyball" as real-life ballplayer Scott Hatteberg.

13. The actor went through another dramatic transformation for his role as Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy" (check out the photo). James Gunn was so certain that Pratt was right for the role — after only 30 seconds of his audition — that he didn’t care if Pratt was in shape or not. Gunn even figured he could always CGI a six-pack onto the actor.

14. As for his personal life, Pratt is married to actress Anna Faris — a fellow Washington State native. The couple met on the set of "Take Me Home Tonight" and became engaged soon after.

15. In 2009, they were married in a small ceremony in Bali, Indonesia.

16. The two actors welcomed a son in August 2012.

Bonus Fact: For the past three years (2011-2013), Pratt has appeared in three Best Picture Oscar nominees: "Moneyball," "Zero Dark Thirty," and "Her."

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