The 20 Best Movies of 2014 (So Far)

best movies 20142014 is shaping up to be a really, really great year for movies.

When last we checked in, we gave a list of 10 of the best movies of the year. And as the months have worn on, we’d decide to check back in, and give you another sampling of the best the year has to offer.

There were some notable omissions and things that we left off just because they haven’t come out yet, but what strikes us about this crop of films is just how different they are — there are personal epics and outer space fantasias; movies about apes, trains and abortion (not to mention Scarlett Johansson, throwing people through walls). What could be better than that?

So read on for our list, revisit the last one (the latter slides below), and let us know what we left off, what we screwed up on — and what you’re looking forward to in the months to come.

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