Daniel Bruhl Will Be a Baddie in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM-AWARDS-BAFTAA “Civil War” is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and its newest soldier is Daniel Bruhl.

Bruhl has signed on to play a villain in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War,” alongside Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chadwick Boseman. This won’t be his first time on the big screen with superheroes; he co-starred in “The Fifth Estate” with Benedict Cumberbatch, and in “Rush” with Chris Hemsworth.

The third installment in the Captain America movies follows the Civil War arc written by Mark Millar, wherein Steve Rogers (Evans) and Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) are at odds over the Superhero Registration Act. It will also be the first appearance of Boseman’s Black Panther in the MCU. The question is, if Tony and Steve are already at each other’s throats over the Superhero Registration Act, what are they going to do when some real villains arrive?

Guess we’ll find out by the time “Captain America: Civil War” flies into theaters on May 6, 2016.

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