Sony Still Plans on Releasing ‘The Interview’ – But Doesn’t Know When or How

In the days since Sony decided to cancel the release of “The Interview” following a massive hack and subsequent threats of violent attacks, the studio has weathered heavy storm of criticism. But according to Sony, it still plans on releasing the flick in some fashion — it just doesn’t know when, where, or how.

In an interview with “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Sony attorney David Boies responded to critics of Sony’s decision, and insinuated that the studio’s initial statement that it had no current plans to release “The Interview” was premature.

“Sony only delayed this,” Boies said of releasing “The Interview. Sony has maintained that its initial choice to pull the film was in response to major movie theater chains declining to screen the flick, a surprise move that put the studio in a tight spot.

“Sony has been fighting to get this picture distributed,” Boies told “Meet the Press.” “It will be distributed. How it’s going to be distributed, I don’t think anybody knows quite yet. But it’s going to be distributed.”

Sony also denied a report from the New York Post that indicated that the studio would release “The Interview” online on Crackle, the free streaming service owned by the studio. Sources told Mashable “that report was premature … [and] many factors and options are being weighed at the moment.”

[via: TheWrap, Mashable]

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