2015 Family Movie Preview

It’s that time of year not only for a look back at the year’s best, but also to peek ahead at what the new year has to offer at the movies. We’ve assembled a list of our 15 most anticipated family titles that you can at least plan to attend in the next year with your children – depending, of course, on the kids’ ages and interests, and your budget for tickets and concessions.

In 2015, some of the most eagerly awaited films of the past several years hit theaters, including Pixar’s latest, “Inside Out,” and “Tomorrowland,” a live-action, sci-fi mystery starring George Clooney and directed by two-time Oscar winner Brad Bird. Besides those original films, the second “Avengers” film explodes on-screen in May, and the final “Hunger Games” concludes the series in November. Other sequels, anticipated for a decade or more, finally open for the SpongeBob, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars franchises.

So grab your family calendar and get ready to circle the opening dates of those and the rest of these 15 family friendly titles of 2015.
family movie preview 2015

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