THE MARTIAN (Nov 5,6,7 Thurs, Fri 2D Sat 3D)

During a fierce dust storm on the planet Mars, NASA astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is impaled by an antenna, which destroys his suit’s bio-monitor computer. His crewmates pre-sume he’s dead and flee the planet, leaving him behind.

Mark’s injuries turn out to be relatively minor, but he must now try to survive, with few supplies, on his own. He uses his skills as a botanist in order to grow food and make water, while try-ing to figure out how to get a signal to Earth in order to let someone – anyone – know he’s still alive.

Based on the book by Andy Weir.

Sci-Fi 2 hrs 14 mins

Parental Guidance
Parental Guidance (PG)
A film is to be classified as Parental Guidance where the themes or content of the film may not be suitable for all children, although there is no age restriction.

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